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Florida Law





This 2CE required class for Florida License renewal provides an overview of the Florida Law & Statutes as they pertain to the massage therapy profession. Understand what is required to practice legally and safely as a massage therapist and as a massage establishment in the State of Florida, how to obtain and renew a license, what exemptions exist and what fines, penalties and legal proceedings can be imposed. This webinar-style class includes video, audio commentary and a Q&A session.  The self-study class includes quiz questions to test your understanding throughout the course.

What you will learn:

  • Florida Law & Statutes for the Massage Profession
  • What is needed to operate as a massage therapist
  • Where to keep a record of your credits for renewal
  • How to obtain and renew a massage therapist license
  • Key issues of draping, cleaning, safety, and adequate care
  • What professions or special situations are exempt from renewal
  • How to obtain credit for pro bono/volunteer work
  • What establishments require (or are exempt from) a massage establishment license
  • Checklist on what to have ready for an inspection to obtain a massage establishment license
  • Identifying and reporting suspected human trafficking
  • Disciplinary Action and Fines
  • Resources